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Hi all, I have been suffering with minor back pain for the last 15 years, and I’ve been tring to get off my normal pain meds. They told me not to get off my normal pain meds (to use this) but i didn’t listen.

this stuff works! Within 20 minutes I felt better. it could move around the house with ease, bending down, twisting etc.. even my wife noticed a difference in “the way I was moving”. I have to warn you though, this oil is really strong. I took more than normal one day, and I sat on the couch… very relaxed… and pain free… but let’s just say I wasn’t jumping with energy.

For several years and especially in the eastern countries, cannabis is used to provide relief to back pain. It should be noted that it is not cannabis itself that helps relieve back pain or other pain but CBD, one of its components. For this reason, not all cannabis plants act as analgesics but only those that contain a high amount of CBD. CBD as a dietary supplement could be an effective ally against small back pain!

CBD, a natural painkiller

CBD oil, used as a dietary supplement is a natural painkiller that can replace synthetic drugs with the same properties. Thus, it helps relieve back problems or pain in the lower back. The advantage with this dietary supplement is that besides being effective, it does not cause any side effects. Even used in the long term, there is no known risk to health as with synthetic drugs. It is a food supplement that has known properties on muscle contractures, fybromalgia, anxiety … And many online stores offer it legally in France.

Effective anti-inflammatory action

Sometimes back pain can come from inflammation. If this type of pain is not supported over time, it can lead to serious health consequences. Thanks to CBD, which is a natural anti-inflammatory, a lasting backache can be relieved quickly. The cannabinoid used as a dietary supplement could treat inflammation and thereby eliminate the pain. Of course, if your back pain is chronic or persists over time, you should consult your doctor, and in any case the taking of CBD in any form whatsoever should replace a medical or pharmaceutical opinion. Nevertheless, readers told us about their experiences, where CBD oil relieved the pain of a lumbago created by a false movement or a period of intense stress.

Chronic pain in the back is often caused by spasms. In such a situation, doctors usually prescribe antispasmodics. However, these can be sources of adverse effects in sensitive subjects to name only the violent allergic reactions. Fortunately, CBD oil is a natural alternative to pain relief. This dietary supplement helps to relax the muscles and eliminate over time all the tensions that have accumulated. Like other natural remedies, CBD oil does not cause side effects, as long as you follow the indicated doses. Of course, moderate use is advised since the treatment often extends over several days.